If the left cared about women why are back alley abortionists heroes of the left?

Heather Booth was the founder of Jane one of the largest back alley abortion providers before Roe V Wade.

‘Jane’ didn’t even use doctors to proform abortions. They just used women  trained by “Jane’ to kill the unborn. No telling how many women died or had serious medical problems after abortions done by done by the pro-choice women of ‘Jane”.

You would think a back alley abortion provider that didn’t even use doctors to provide abortions would be shunned by the pro-choice left. Yet the left made movies and books where the back alley abortionists of ‘Jane’ were shown as heroes.

And heather Booth herself went on to serve on the Democratic National Committee. She has worked with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama. In spite of her being a back alley abortionist.

Obama invites back alley abortionist to bill signing


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