Detroit ordered to close half of it’s schools

The state orders Detroit to close half of it’s schools. The class size at some schools will be as high as 60 students per teacher. The poor kids will be doomed.

Obama claimed his jobs bill saved 300,000 teachers jobs. I guess Obama failed.

Detroit has been controlled by progressive Democrats for over 100 years. Look how well progressive polices turned out in Detroit. The last mayor had to resign because of corruption. The progressive Democrats that claim to care about the poor steal the money meant for the poor. The same Democratic leaders get pissed if a poor child gets a voucher to go to a private school.

Why would anyone in Detroit vote Democratic?




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2 Responses to Detroit ordered to close half of it’s schools

  1. Erica says:

    They are cutting off their noses to spike their face and you are correct they care more about themselves than they do the average middle class taxpayer! The Democrats may very well have an eye opening experience if everything we have in store for them comes to be in 2012!

    • thickmudd says:

      The elected Democrats want everyone to be uneducated and poor. That makes them dependent on big government. They don’t care about people at all. The poor Democrats that vote for them better wake up and look at what voting Democratic has done for them. Unless you are in a Union Democratic policies have destroyed their own voters.

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