How could anyone who believes in freedom be against right to work laws?

Freedom means you have the right not to join any group or club you don’t agree with. If you are forced to join a union and pay union dues which are in many cases used in ways you don’t agree with how is that free choice? I thought progressives and liberals believe in choice?

In Indianapolis Union members are protesting a right to work bill which will allow employees to exercise their right to either join a union or not join a union. This will not only bring more freedom to the workplace but it will force unions to be responsible to their members. Union members would have the right too quit a union that is acting against their members. Or is acting in political ways the members don’t agree with. Instead of pleasing politicians like Obama unions would have to please their members.

Union leaders must know many of their members would jump ship if they could or they wouldn’t mind a right to workplace.

Democrats wanted to take away employees right to have a secret ballot failed. Never trust anyone who already tried to take away your right to vote the way you wanted in secret.

Unions give millions of dollars to politicians, many times to candidates many members don’t support. But Democrats refuse to allow union members to have to right to decide where their political donates go. How is that fair?

If Democrats are willing to take away union members right to vote on this and want to take away employee rights on voting secretly don’t you think they would take away your right to vote? They would in a heartbeat.

Democrats are only pro-choice when it involves killing the unborn.





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