Jesse Jackson uses several war metaphors in Wisconsin speech

Where is the main stream media attacking him for this? I thought after the AZ shooting this was not to be done anymore?

he slams greed in this video but isn’t it more greedy for him t demand government handouts? And union workers to demand they pay zero of their insurance costs? And for union members to say they don’t want to be taxed for their high class health insurance but they support Obamacare taxing others for the same policy?


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2 Responses to Jesse Jackson uses several war metaphors in Wisconsin speech

  1. Terrance H. says:

    Because he’s black; because his people were in bondage over a hundred years ago; because he thinks he’s entitled to something for being a minority; because he’s an obscure joke who, along with his disgusting friend, “Rev.” Al Sharpton.

    They exploit the black community for their own personal gain. They are disgusting people.

    I want a reparation deduction for all the crime committed by blacks against whites in the last half century. Give it another fifty-years and we’ll be even.

    • thickmudd says:

      I agree they are exploiting the black community. I believe in individual responsibility and so I am against making any group pay for wrongs done by some in that group. I believe in the human race. I think race is used to divide people . The only race I care about is the human race. i don’t care what race someone is. I care about their actions.

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