The environmental movement’s dirty secret

From an article on Orion

The report’s volume on “National Vitality, Its Waste and Conservation,” by a friend of Pinchot’s, Yale economist Irving Fisher, reads like a manifesto of the progressive political movement that Roosevelt sought to lead, and its words were echoed in the New Nationalism speech the following year.

Later same paragraph

And then, recommendation ten: “eugenics, or hygiene for future generations,” with forced sterilization or marriage prohibition for people with epilepsy or mental disabilities, and for criminals, the poor, and “degenerates generally.” The report called for the creation of a new social norm benefiting eugenically favored marriages, making “degenerate” marriages as taboo as incest. “The problem of the conservation of our natural resources is therefore not a series of independent problems, but a coherent, all-embracing whole,” it concluded. “If our nation cares to make any provision for its grandchildren and its grandchildren’s grandchildren, this provision must include conservation in all its branches—but above all, the conservation of the racial stock itself.”


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2 Responses to The environmental movement’s dirty secret

  1. Margaret in Austin says:

    I seem to remember reading about this being tried once already. Early 20th century. I think they called it creating “The Master Race.” It did not end well for blacks, Jews, homosexuals, and the mentally ill. Over 7 million exterminated.

    • thickmudd says:

      I agree with you 100%. It didn’t work then and wopn’t work now. Now they are aborting 80% of unborn babies with Down Syndrome and with Spina Bifida. Because they claim they are unfit. Millions of unborn girls are aborted just because they are female.

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