Biofuels have increased food prices 75%

There is a world food price criss going on and here is one reason why.

A World Bank policy research working paper released in July 2008 says that biofuels have raised food prices between 70 to 75 percent.


It is one more example of how the cure for Global warming is worse than the disease.




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6 Responses to Biofuels have increased food prices 75%

  1. Bill Brandon says:

    I hope no one reading this slight 55 word post uses it to formulate their opinion. I suggest first going to the source listed in this post and read the whole thing. In it numerous causes to increased food prices are discussed. In this article it states that the total increase in food prices since 2006 is 40% debunking the 75% figure. The brief mention of biofuels lists an old UN report that has since been revised to say that biofuels are a minimal contributing factor to rising food prices.

    While some who believe in global warming support biofuels, others do not. Likewise you don’t have to believe in global warming to support biofuels. Biofuels advance energy security and strengthen petroleum poor economies. This author seems to be confused as to the multiple facets affecting biofuel use.

  2. thickmudd says:

    I listed the source so people can read and decide on their own. Everyone should always look for information on their own and look at the facts.

    I like that if you use biofuels the money stays here and does not go overseas.

    But they are not ‘Green” like some people claim. They caused a giant dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico even before the oil well spill. And they don’t save co2.
    Here is Slate hardly a right wing site on biofuels
    Brazil is cutting down the rainforest to grow biofuel look,9171,1725975,00.html.
    Is cutting down the rainforset really ‘Green’? Does that help stop co2?

  3. What is “they?” Let’s not just look at the past, but also at the future–a future that you can make happen. Take a closer look at the substantial efforts to develop advanced biofuels before you throw the baby out with the bathwater. Much research is being done to develop feedstocks– from agriculture, lumbering, food processing and other waste; from energy crops that can grow on land not optimal for food/fiber production; as co-products to fiber/feed production; from many other opportunities. Much R&D is also being done on technologies to convert those feedstocks to sustainable, renewable fuels. It is a fascinating area of inquiry. I invite you to take a look in more depth at

    • thickmudd says:

      I support using waste to make either Biodiesel or ethanol. It is better to make something useful out of waste then throw it away. I don’t mind even growing crops to make it. But people should know there are costs in growing it. Including higher food costs and costs to the environment. I don’t think growing crops for it is really ‘green’. Thanks for the link I will check it out.

    • greenheretic says:

      Biofuels are at worst hurting humanity and the environment, and at best a waste of time. Take a good look a palm oil production – destroying the world’s carbon sinks and biodiversity hot spots is as far from green as it gets.

      Even if they do save on carbon emission, the bio fuels compete with petroleum, thus causing dirty fuels to become even cheaper. The result is that people drive more and stop caring about making investments in mass transit.

      • thickmudd says:

        I agree that growing crops for biofuels is not really ‘Green”. I don’t mind using waste to make biofuels. We should drill for our own oil. Every other country that has oil drills for every drop.

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