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With all problems solved Obama traveling to to sun-dappled Rio de Janeiro

Since all problems in the world including Japan ,Libya , high gas prices and unemployment have been solved Obama traveling to to sun-dappled Rio de Janeiro.   Advertisements

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US food price rise is steepest in decades

US food price rise is steepest in decades

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The Socialist Party died out in Wisconsin because union members

The Socialist Party died out in Wisconsin because union members thought the Socialists didn’t support the Soviet Union enough. Source

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Judge Forces Hysterectomy on God-Loving Woman

I thought women had the right to do whatever they wanted with their body? How can a judge force a woman to have her body parts taken out? Click here to read more

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The NPR sting

Far worse than Ron Schiller’s attacks on the Tea Party are him sucking up to a group that says they are founded by the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. The men he is talking with asks him to have NPR … Continue reading

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BBC hires Atheist to host bible program

Host claims God had a wife and Eve was “unfairly maligned” by sexist scholars. But how can an Atheist claim God had a wife? I don’t get it? Click here for more info

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Antarctica is getting colder

The climate models predict the poles should should have enhanced warming. Even more warming than the rest of the planet. But Antarctica is getting colder. Click here Both Greenland and Antarctica’s ice survived when the climate was several degrees warmer … Continue reading

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