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Hitler 1934 – Holdren 1969

Hitler 1934 – Holdren 1969. Advertisements

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Both the Daily Beast and the Atlantic admits the unborn are babies

The Daily Beast The Atlantic              

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court in 1957 upheld unions banning black people from membership

In WI apparently unions were racist.

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Judge Forces Hysterectomy on God-Loving Woman

I thought women had the right to do whatever they wanted with their body? How can a judge force a woman to have her body parts taken out? Click here to read more

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The NPR sting

Far worse than Ron Schiller’s attacks on the Tea Party are him sucking up to a group that says they are founded by the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. The men he is talking with asks him to have NPR … Continue reading

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Yes NPR it was your Progressive hero FDR who proposed interning Japanese Americans on Aug 10 1936 and who did send them to camps

FDR planned on locking up Japanese Americans as early as Aug 1936. Five years before Pearl Harbor.  Source Updated to add In the NPR sting NPR executives attack the Tea Party and then NPR’s Betsey Liley mentions locking up Japanese … Continue reading

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The environmental movement’s dirty secret

From an article on Orion The report’s volume on “National Vitality, Its Waste and Conservation,” by a friend of Pinchot’s, Yale economist Irving Fisher, reads like a manifesto of the progressive political movement that Roosevelt sought to lead, and its … Continue reading

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