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The Wisconsin Supreme Court in 1957 upheld unions banning black people from membership

In WI apparently unions were racist. Advertisements

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The Socialist Party died out in Wisconsin because union members

The Socialist Party died out in Wisconsin because union members thought the Socialists didn’t support the Soviet Union enough. Source

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Jesse Jackson uses several war metaphors in Wisconsin speech

Where is the main stream media attacking him for this? I thought after the AZ shooting this was not to be done anymore? he slams greed in this video but isn’t it more greedy for him t demand government handouts? … Continue reading

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Why has there never been union protests against this unfair treatment of union workers?

In New York and New Jersey Longshoremen are forced to kick back their Christmas bonus money which can be as high as $5000  to union officials. Yet no nationwide or even local protests against this by any union. Yet in … Continue reading

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Detroit ordered to close half of it’s schools

The state orders Detroit to close half of it’s schools. The class size at some schools will be as high as 60 students per teacher. The poor kids will be doomed. Obama claimed his jobs bill saved 300,000 teachers jobs. … Continue reading

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How could anyone who believes in freedom be against right to work laws?

Freedom means you have the right not to join any group or club you don’t agree with. If you are forced to join a union and pay union dues which are in many cases used in ways you don’t agree … Continue reading

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