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Impeached federal judge now Dem congressman Alcee Hastings now has sexual harassment allegation

In spite of him being impeached as a judge Democrats loved him enough to vote him into the House. He was accused of taking a $150,000 bribe while he was a judge.  I bet he didn’t pay taxes on that … Continue reading

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I hope this progressive hypocrite rots in prison

This guy wanted to make all of us pay more for energy. He is such an idiot. If we didn’t have energy companies we would be living in the stone age. I hope he rots in a cell with no … Continue reading

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Pro-choice man sentenced to two life terms for murdering woman who wanted to give birth and daughter

He tried to make her get an abortion but she refused and gave birth. So he shot and murdered both her and the baby. Like many pro-choicers all over the world he was upset the unborn baby was a girl … Continue reading

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Democratic corruption costs tax payers millions

A study by University of Illinois at Chicago finds that Democratic corruption in Chicago costs the tax payers $500 million a year.  This is just one study of one Democratic run city. The mayor of Detroit  Kwame Kilpatrick had to … Continue reading

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