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Dead baby found at school run by Sarah Palin

Opps the school was run by Oprah. But imagine the outrage by the left if a student of Palin gave birth and killed the baby. They would trash Palin for not teaching the mother about birth control and abortion. Source … Continue reading

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Obama and some of his friends

Progressives claim to hate the rich and hate corporations. So how do you progressives explain the following? Michelle Obama vacationed with billionaire Howard Marks. That may be ok, except for the fact Howard Marks raised over 10 billion in 2008 … Continue reading

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Democratic corruption costs tax payers millions

A study by University of Illinois at Chicago finds that Democratic corruption in Chicago costs the tax payers $500 million a year.¬† This is just one study of one Democratic run city. The mayor of Detroit¬† Kwame Kilpatrick had to … Continue reading

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