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The NPR sting

Far worse than Ron Schiller’s attacks on the Tea Party are him sucking up to a group that says they are founded by the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. The men he is talking with asks him to have NPR … Continue reading

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Dead baby found at school run by Sarah Palin

Opps the school was run by Oprah. But imagine the outrage by the left if a student of Palin gave birth and killed the baby. They would trash Palin for not teaching the mother about birth control and abortion. Source … Continue reading

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Obama wants the birther rumors

Like a magician who fools you to look at one thing while he is really doing something else Obama uses the birth issue to discount anyone that disagrees with him. The Dem Gov of Hawaii brought the birther issue up … Continue reading

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The America-Bashing, Pro-Taliban Tweets of Nir Rosen

More hate from the left. The America-Bashing, Pro-Taliban Tweets of Nir Rosen

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