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Home schooler wins Intel’s science contest

A home schooler wins Intel’s science contest and $100,000. Advertisements

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Northwestern University had a sex class with live sex act

The live sex act included sex toy attached to a saw. If a Chicago bar offered such a show they probably would be charged with a crime. I bet that class was full though. There is no reason to show … Continue reading

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Obama to celebrate good times with Motown.

While millions struggle with no jobs and the Middle East in turmoil Obama celebrates with a Motown concert. Sadly in Motown Detroit is closing half of it’s schools. What will happened to all the teachers Obama’s stimulus plan saved?  

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New York to replace the ‘green’ fluorescent fixtures in schools because of toxic PCBs

In another environmental problem caused by the green movement NY will spend $1 billion to replace the so called ‘green’ energy saving light fixtures  in 772 schools because of the dangers of PCBs. No one seems to care that these  … Continue reading

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Detroit ordered to close half of it’s schools

The state orders Detroit to close half of it’s schools. The class size at some schools will be as high as 60 students per teacher. The poor kids will be doomed. Obama claimed his jobs bill saved 300,000 teachers jobs. … Continue reading

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